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Internet traffic & domains are the prime real estate of the 21st century. (...) Individuals, brands, investors, and organizations who don't grasp their importance or value are missing out on numerous levels.

Steve Forbes

While domains are the foundation of the online presence of every brand, domains aren't created equal. Don't risk t failure of your business not having h domains for brands of your ventures, products, services, or marketing campaigns. One corporate domain is not enough.

All transactions are processed and protected by Escrow.com licensed in the U.S. or other reputable exchange platforms depending on the buyer's needs. This makes a transaction quick and safe by keeping a buyer's payment in a secure escrow account till the time when a buyer confirms receiving a domain name.

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Premium domain names

Marketing. Credibility. Strategy.

"Premium‬ ‪‎domain names‬ (web-addresses) are effective and cost-efficient tools for ‪‎marketing communication conducted online & offline.
Implementation of a professionally selected premium domain name allows gaining competitive advantage and measurable profits through instant recognition and credibility.
Practically, acquisition of high quality domain name means the acquisition of important access way to the market.
Lack of understanding these facts just limits development of a company and leaves chances for rivals."

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Domains in brief

Properly selected domain names:

  • offer a prestigious web-based location for business
  • allow increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns conducted in different types of media, including offline advertising
  • make the company’s offer stand out amongst the competition
  • may direct Clients, on their own, straight to your company’s offer
  • help in establishing the position of a sector leader
  • constitute an inseparable aspect of a long-term brand management policy

The importance of industry-specific thematic domains for business:

  • They are a focal point for thematic viewing figures of the highest quality, i.e. the address – DohaProperties.com – is not visited by accident, but rather by people who actually search for subjects of a given type by entering the domain name into a web browser.
  • The ratio of advertisement audience, who visit a generic domain name despite not being interested in this specific investment area, is close to zero.
  • They direct the subject-related web traffic leading it straight to the company’s offer.
  • They are one of the elements of an enterprise’s prestige.
  • They have a significant impact on establishing brand strength in the long term by positioning the company among sectoral market leaders.

In consideration of the above, owning and utilizing a high-quality domain name gives the following benefits:

  • allows you to develop a competitive edge in terms of company image
  • allows you to achieve long-term gains at a relatively low cost (one-time takeover cost versus alternative marketing tools)
  • allows you to separate the competition from the market of users of services or goods, which you are planning to become the leader of
  • allows you to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns conducted in other types of media.

Domain Names Acquisitions

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Domain names importance

Do you know how much the quality of a domain name determines the appearance of your company and business development?

The Internet begins with the domain name

An internet domain name is a sequence of signs put in the internet browser, after “www” alias. A domain name is for example Google.com, Emirates.com, or Bank.com
In practice, an internet domain name is an internet address, as important for the business as the real headquarters location for a company and even more in the online world. A domain name is a traffic sign, which diverts all users interested in specific service or product directly to your website. Thanks to ‘traffic magnet’, you can guarantee for yourself the chance your company’s offer will be delivered for the most promising group of consumers, where many of them could become your company’s Customers finally.

Online appearance means the brand management

In the current commercial reality, every global company is unable for being efficiently operative on the market without professional brand management online in global .com extension. At GCCinternet.com we would like to bring our valuable Customers’ attention to the fact, that the Internet has been an indispensable tool for companies operating on global as well as local markets. Marketing as well as managing your brand image is strictly related to the Internet.

Results of research carried out by TNS OBOP as long ago as before 2012 showed that 74% of consumers use the Internet before making their final purchasing decisions. According to a different survey, close to 100% of Internet users rely on local online media and Internet search engines as a source of information on local business and services. And this is not the only data that shows how important it is for companies to properly manage their brand image on the Internet in connection to the regular market.

It should be noted that the core idea of brand management is the use of company-specific web domain names in all forms of the company’s activities – from the employees’ business cards, through printed materials, office equipment, vehicles, and external advertisements, to marketing campaigns in the media.
The goal is the following – you must allow your clients to reach the company’s offer and remember it without – and this is the important part – the need to search for it; by clearly communicating to the prospective consumer the location of your company and its products on the Internet. And the Internet doesn't mean social media.

Be the leader in your industry – secure the market for yourself

Every domain name is unique and can be used by one body solely. Acquisition of a group of domain names adequate to products and services delivered by your company allows you the acquisition of key part of the most valuable commercial traffic and routing it to the website of your company. As a result, your company gains additional chances to grow up its position as a leader in your industry significantly easier, cheaper, and more efficient than whenever before.

Continuation of your brand’s promotion

Accumulation of high-value premium domain names, precisely selected concerning SEM, should NOT conduce to replace your main brand. The aim of luxurious domain names is to focus the market’s demand directly on your services and products of your company. Acquisition of key domain names in your industry is aimed at the increase of your main brand, through natural growth of your company website traffic, stronger positioning, and association of your company with the concrete industry sector. The goal – to grow up an advantage over your competitors.

Domain name is your personal brand

Business card. Identity. Strategy. More than a web-address only. For celebrities, politicians, business people & every successful individual.

"My name is Adam Wagner. As a founder of several startups and a manager at a publicly listed company, I can't imagine someone else using AdamWagner.com
The domain name AdamWagner.com is my personal business card. ". ~Adam WAGNER


Do you care about your personal brand online?

Do you know that your personal brand online means a domain name first and foremost, NOT a social media "username" which even doesn't belong to you but is served on terms of a social media platform?

Don't you have your "NameSurname" in .com?

Do you know that your online identity and credibility start from your "NameSurname .com"?


"Your name is worth its weight in gold. Also online" ~DNS Belgium, May 2012
DNS Belgium is a not-for-profit organization established in 1999 by ISPA Belgium (Internet Service Providers Association), Agoria (federation for the technology industry) and BELTUG (Belgium’s communication technology and services user Group). DNS Belgium has no relations to GCCinternet.com

Professionals for professionals

Premium domains strategy for corporations, registrars & registries


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Founder of The Group | Domain industry expert since 2005


Domain name industry professional since 2005, having experience in internet domain names business, incl. achievements in the primary and secondary market (premium domains), in European ccTLDs, TLDs, and new gTLD's, implementation of development strategies in all types of internet firms ie. domain registries, ICANN registrars & domain resellers, domain marketplaces, domain brokerage firms, and domain investment funds.

CEO & Founder of 6 startups so far, incl. 100% divestment of his own Organic24.pl for the leader of the organic food market in Poland listed at Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Having hands-on experience in joint-ventures in the IT market, financial market, FMCG, and real estate, both as CEO or investor and as a manager.

Experienced passionate of building & developing of web companies. Enthusiast of usage and implementation of ICT solutions for sustainable growth of enterprises and SMEs.

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"Adam helped me with acquisition of .com domain, it was almost impossible to find the domain owner, the domain name wasn't listed anywhere, even when domain owner was found he was truly not interested in sale of the domain. Adam never gave up and managed to help us to purchase the domain and manged all the transaction process is a very professorial way! I highly recommend working with Adam!" - Omri Adler, Internet Entrepreneur, Co-Founder at GameSmart

"Adam went above and beyond the call of duty to provide us with top notch support at ParkingCrew. He took ownership of issues, and solved all problems in a timely manner. I appreciated that even with the time zone differences, he was able to be highly responsive when urgent matters arose. He has excellent knowledge of domain name issues, and in my experience he is a true professional." - George Kirikos, President at Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc.

"Adam is a passionate manager that i got to know during my working days at EuroDNS. Although located remote, he was always involved and not afraid to swim against the current. I’m looking back with enthusiasm on our cooperation!"Sander Scholten, Managing Director & Co-Owner at CoDNS BV Netherlands 

"Adam is highly motivated and solution oriented person. It's a great experience to work with him!"Axel Kaltz, Managing Director at TeamInternet AG Munchen

"Very SOLID person, with a wide hands-on technical exposure gained over the years of his professional experience in a broad range of industries he has worked in. It was a plesure to work with Adam!"Wojciech Blaszkowski, Chief Administrator at Domena.pl Registrar Poland

"Adam is a born leader, thanks to his extensive knowledge in various fields of business he is able to make a real difference in any modern enterprise, especially those involved in online activity. He has a very distinguished sense of humour which helps him to develop relationships with people at every level. He would be an asset to every company which build's their structures based on making the most out of the human potential"Piotr Snieg, Retail & Institutional Sales Executive at FxPro Group London

Recommendations can be viewed at http://www.linkedin.com/in/adamwagnercom

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Domain industry expert since 2005
Email: adam @ GCCinternet . com

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