Corporate governance & interest in joint ventures

Economic development is our genuine passion and ambition

Based on the intellectual capital of the company’s management and using the assets of The Group, we realize precisely planned development strategy.

Through the organic market growth of dependent brands, we build the strength of the Group.

The priority desire of the Group is to support the economic development of our clients and to achieve a high return on investment for the development of the Group’s owners and business partners. The deliberate, precise and advanced use of ICT is a milestone for every company in the context of management, marketing and PR, market expansion, irrespectively of the phase in its development, its industry and geographic location.

Premium domain names portfolio

GCCinternet, as subsidiary of The Group, specializes in domain corporate services, domain acquisitions and advisory for external Customers. The company manages with domain assets of The Group, as well as with domain names of our corporate clients and investors. Although we often use the same domain name management contact at WhoIS databases, it should be emphasized that the internal portfolio of domain names belonging to The Group, and most of domain names belonging to our Customers, is not intended to be for re-sold.

Interest in start-ups & joint ventures

We are so much confident of our message communicated through our subsidiary brand GCCinternet.com that as The Group we engage in the business of some of our clients at the level of equity and/or business partnership.

Since the Group's area of ​​specialization is not a fundamental development of the offer of the related partner organizations (the task remains entirely on the side of the partner company’s manager staff) but management and better use of capacity and market expansion of the company, companies from almost all economic sectors remain our focus.

The sectors of the market, that we stay focused on now, directly or through subsidiaries brands, include:

  • marketing of property developers & real estate offers for sale (currently The Group is engaged in marketing & sales of properties located in Cyprus and Greece which are introduced to Customers in Europe, countries of the former Soviet Union and Russia; in near future our interest will be focused on global marketing of properties located in GCC countries)
  • management consulting, brand management
  • portfolio management services for corporate Internet domains
  • services for aftermarket of Internet domains
  • business advisory at the market of luxury Internet domain names
  • financial services, sector of mortgage
  • new telecommunications’s technologies incuding Cloud/SaaS and VoIP solutions
  • comprehensive support for global companies in the launch and development of representative offices at new markets (Europe & GCC specifically).

~Adam Wagner
Founder of the Group

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Domain industry expert since 2005
Email: adam @ GCCinternet . com

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